Hamako Mori, 89-year-old Japanese streamer: “Video games keep my mind active”

Hamako Mori

“Love has no age,” says the saying. And not even gaming, we would say. This is what emerges from this interview with Hamako Mori, an 89-year-old Japanese streamer, a gamer since 1981 and who has no intention of quitting. And thank goodness.

Mori spoke to GameSpark microphones, declaring that he played Cassette Vision as the first console in 1981, in fact. Since then she has moved to the NES, where she spent her days between The Legend of Zelda and Dragon Quest, and then continued to play in the following years, up to the present day.

The lady in recent years has also discovered the so-called Let’s Play videos on YouTube and has even decided to shoot some of her own, uploading her videos on the famous platform.

But what continues to appreciate the sprightly old woman of modern video games? “The graphics have become exceptional. I think it’s great to have lived so long,” he said in the interview in question. But it’s not just the visual aspect that intrigues Mori, but the importance of video games in keeping one’s mind active and awake.

“If you like fashion or sports, there comes a time when you can no longer continue to follow these hobbies. Instead, even when you get older, it’s great to be able to continue playing.”

Being competitive, however, becomes quite complicated. Advice? ” When you start aging, I would recommend more single-player than multiplayer games. It’s inevitable, if you’re on the battlefield with younger players, you end up slowing them down. But I think if the number of older players grew, there could be some dedicated servers, so it wouldn’t be a problem. “

What do you think of the woman’s words? Can you think of playing video games at the age of 89?