Hashimoto, the producer of Bayonetta 2, has unveiled the concept art for a new project


Yasuke Hashimoto, the former producer of Bayonetta and director of Bayonetta 2, recently shared some concept art on Twitter for a new original project. Hashimoto no longer works for Platinum Games and has recently formed a new team.

After leaving Platinum Games in February of this year, Hashimoto started working on something else. The concept art is the work of the hand of Tatsuya Yoshikawa who, for those who do not know him, has already drawn some characters for the Devil May Cry series and for Zelda: Breath of the Wild , as well as having participated in the creation of Mega Man and Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure , this latest game with an original concept that didn’t have the expected success.

The drawing shows an armed girl who vaguely remembers the atmosphere of Horizon Zero Dawn. Behind him, fly dragons guided by what appears to be the same girl (someone said Scalebound ??). In short, there are all the elements to imagine a great new game. We will keep you posted!