Joy-With drifting: the repair on Switch Lite could be more expensive

Nintendo Switch Lite

Taking a quick look at the many forums frequented by Nintendo fans, we immediately realize that one of the most widespread and most discussed problems in the Nintendo Switch area is related to the ” stick drift ” phenomenon that causes the Joy-Con drifting.

In concrete terms, this definition refers to a defect in the pair of pads of the Japanese console, which continues to record movement inputs even with the sticks in the central position, forcing the user to intervene on the controller to interrupt the flow of data. Only a few days ago we told you about the case of a French user who had been refused free repair for this problem.

Precisely with regard to this theme, many users are wondering if the flaw of the “stick drift” can affect even the newcomer at Nintendo, namely the Switch Lite, the “only-mobile” version of the famous console, which unlike its sister ” major ”does not have the ability to remove Joy-Con.

Obviously it is too early to give a definitive judgment, also because the Joy-Con drifting is a problem that usually begins to manifest itself around the two years of the console’s life. In any case, Nintendo’s official Japanese repair guide gives us a little idea about the costs to be incurred in the event of a failure. Sending a single Joy-Con for Switch, including repair, costs 2,160 yen (including taxes), while for the pair it reaches 4,320 yen. In the case of the repair of the Switch Lite controller, you get to spend 4,860 yenregardless of the number of sticks involved.

Making a very rapid calculation, we understand that to repair a single stick on Switch Lite requires a greater outlay of money, practically double , at least in the case of Japanese users. Already in the past American users had made themselves heard with a class-action against Nintendo of America . What is Japan’s turn?