Kojima arrogant? No, often the English translations of his tweets are not flawless

death stranding hideo kojima

That Hideo Kojima is a great personality in the world of video games, and that it has great importance for the videogame industry, there are frankly few doubts. But often the Japanese author has been accused of a little too much egocentrism, and almost arrogance, also because of some tweets.

Things really wouldn’t be like that, but there would be some minor translation errors from Japanese to English, which in some cases would distort the meaning of his words.

In fact, Kojima writes his tweets in both Japanese and English, and we don’t know if he is actually writing the posts from his account in the Albion language, but he is certainly not a native speaker, so it is more than normal to come across some mistakes occasionally.

In particular, two tweets ended up in the spotlight: one dates back to the time of the break with Konami and the creation of Kojima Productions. In the English translation of the post, Kojima seems to claim to have chosen to be independent and to have started from scratch, which earned him some criticism from fans. Being Hideo Kojima, in fact, the starting from scratch is still relative, given the name, and in fact the original tweet in Japanese sounds slightly different. The game designer puts more emphasis on the foundation of a new study, and above all recognizes that he has important contacts in the videogame industry, for which the “going indie ” of the English tweet has a meaning that instead in the mother tongue of the

The other tweet is more recent instead and deals with the wording “A Hideo Kojima Game” , placed in practically all its video games. In his explanation of the motif in English, Kojima seems to be talking about dealing with virtually all aspects of the game, and again some fans have accused him of self-centeredness.

In the Japanese version of the post, however, the verb used means that Kojima is involved in all aspects, but not in an exclusive or solitary way, as someone has guessed from the English post.

In short, the strong personality of Kojima is not discussed, but in some cases, it is the language barriers that generate a distorted perception of the character of the game designer.