Marvel’s Avengers: the Black Widow uniform shows up on video, all the details


After presenting us with the Black Widow’s fighting style, the Crystal Dynamics team offers more details on the character, focusing on the design of his uniform.

The latter, in fact, is presented to us in a dedicated video, published on the official Twitter account pages of the game. The short film offers an overview of what will be the Black Widow’s combat outfit. Commenting on the design choices made by the team regarding the Avenger is Tore Blystad, game director at Crystal Dynamics. ” Black Widow is a super spy – she shares on Twitter – and her outfit is made with a focus on her gadgets and her great need to be agile. She has more gadgets than any other hero in the game and they all need to be properly incorporated into her uniform. “

Continuing the description, Blystad highlights how the character’s gloves, called” Widow Bite “and his belt has an inspiration linked to the iconic representations of the Marvel house, but the team has made a change to the structure of the Avenger estate itself, which is made up of two different components, as well as reinforcements to protect the elbows and knees, as well as practical holsters . Overall, the goal of Crystal Dynamics was to create ” a together fresh, but familiar, immediately recognizable as the former Russian agent, but unique for the original story told in Marvel’s Avengers “. What do you think of the result?

Recently, the software house also presented a black Iron Man armor, inspired to the Original Sin comic book saga.