Microsoft supports the fight against climate change: it will produce 825,000 Xbox carbon neutral

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At the United Nations Climate Summit, a climate change summit currently being held at the United Nations Organization, the Redmond House announced an interesting initiative.

Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer at Microsoft, in fact, announced the Company’s intention to intensify its activities in support of the fight against climate change. Within this programmatic framework, an interesting pilot project will be launched, aimed at producing 825,000 Xbox that can be certified as carbon neutral. The objective is therefore to create consoles that are substantially zero-impact, with a production chain capable of generating zero net CO2 emissions. ” These are the first gaming consoles to be carbon neutral, “Says Joppa, which emphasizes that, concurrent with the launch of this pilot project, the Microsoft team is already aiming for even more ambitious results.

The extremely positive initiative, which will be interesting to follow future developments. In the latter, Microsoft has also added the objective of reducing the level of emissions generated by its production system by at least 30% by 2030. A commitment made in the context of the Playing for the Planet initiative, which saw several large companies, including Sony ( with goals related to PlayStation 5 ) and Google, sign a partnership with the United Nations in order to reduce the environmental impact of the gaming industry.