Milan Games Week 2019: all the contents and activities of the Thematic Areas revealed

Milan Games Week 2019

A few days after the opening of the Milan Games Week, the organizers of the ninth edition of the videogame fair announce all the contents and activities that we will be able to access through the Thematic Areas present at the fair.

As with the past editions of the Milanese event, once again the initiatives promoted by the curators of the Games Week promise to satisfy the tastes and needs of all video game enthusiasts, the simple onlookers, the little ones and their families.

In addition to the inevitable stands and exhibition spaces of the giants of the sector such as Ubisoft and of brands like PlayStation, at Milan Games Week 2019 there will be space for four Thematic Areas dedicated to the family, cosplay, retro gaming and the artistic side of the videogame medium.

The MGW Family Thematic Area, for example, will host many debates and many activities dedicated to the family, all with the contribution of the Order of Psychologists of Lombardy as partners of the fair. The space in question will then frame the challenges with Mario Kart 8 for Switch of the Italian Gamers Psychologists Championship, the Nerf Arena, the Giochi Preziosi area, the challenges of Subbuteo, LaseX, DIECI and, last but not least by order of importance, to the UNO tournament that will offer a voucher for a WeRoad trip as a final prize.

The MGW Cosplay area will instead give the opportunity to all those who love this kind of initiative to attend and participate in the Cosplay Parade which will be held on Sunday 29 September on the stage of Radio 105 from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm (GMT +2). In addition to the parade with exceptional godmother, Giorgia Cosplay and the episode of the quiz “Who wants to be turbonerd?” presented by you, who will visit this thematic area of ​​the Games Week will be able to request a make-up or a video game-themed hairstyle going to the special makeup area managed by Imacrew.

Particularly interesting is the program of the MGW Retro area, organized in collaboration with, in which fifty years of video game history will be told through a journey that will lead us to the discovery of the most legendary games and immortal consoles as the Intellivision and the Game Boy. In the dedicated lounges, it will then be possible to make a journey back twenty or thirty years trying video games released in 1999 and 1989.

Finally, in the official MGW Art pavilion, we will see the presentation of the new book dedicated to digital artists and game artists, edited by Debora Ferrari and Luca Traini and published by Trarari TIPI. This exhibition area will also present many other literary and artistic works related to the digital entertainment universe, such as the Neoludica stand, the books of Daniele Bernalda “The King of Fighters” and “Street Fighter Arcade History” and 50 works digital produced on canvas with the participation of established Italian photographers such as Cristiano Bonora and Emanuele Bresciani.

The Milan Games Week 2019, the ninth edition of one of the major European gaming event, will officially open its doors Friday, September 27, and ends Sunday, September 29.