Nintendo Switch Lite: discovery of an exclusive feature in Super Mario Odyssey!

nintendo switch lite super mario odyssey.jpg

Unable to resist the portable charm of Nintendo Switch Lite, several users purchased the console to complement their “home” Switch and, after playing Super Mario Odyssey, report that they discovered an unexpected feature of in-game.

According to the fans of the Grande N who shared this news on social networks, in the few (but still important) activities that require the use of the vibration function of the two Joy-Con’s in Super Mario Odyssey, the latter is replaced on Switch Lite from a visible “screen shaking” effect that signals the user the actions to be taken to achieve the intended purpose.

At the suggestion of the always active community of Reddit and ResetEra forums, the curators of the YouTube channel of GameXplain have thus created a film that demonstrates the effective presence of this modification. The feature in question, moreover, did not require any type of software update for both the console and the game itself, and this makes this discovery even more unique.