One more WB teaser: is the new Batman game about to be announced?


During the last few days, Warner Bros. Montreal managers are having fun teasing players with mysterious teasers, apparently linked to the announcement of the new chapter in the Batman Arkham series.

After the first cryptic images and the involuntary tip-off of Scott Snyder, Warner Bros. Montreal (already authors of Batman Arkham Origins and Origins Blackgate) he has recently published a new teaser on his official pages, accompanied by the caption ” Capture the Knight “, with clear reference to the Dark Knight.

As for the symbols shown in this new teaser, many believe that they are somehow linked to the Court of Owls, a secret organized crime society first introduced by Snyder in 2001, and that we can apparently see transposed in the new iteration of the Arkham series.

At the moment there are no certainties, but WB Montreal’s persistent tweets portend an imminent announcement for the new Batman game : the eyes, of course, are all focused on the State of Play event that Sony will hold today, Tuesday 24 September, at starting at 22:00 (GMT +2), but it cannot be ruled out that the presentation of the game may arrive at the Inside Xbox which will take place at midnight between today and tomorrow.