Project Atlas: will EA games come streaming soon on Nintendo Switch?

EA Nintendo

GoNintendo colleagues make us participants in an interesting initiative launched by EA. A questionnaire issued by the US videogame giant suggests the arrival of Project Atlas on Switch: if confirmed, the program would guarantee streaming access to EA games on the Nintendo console.

Through the Project Atlas service, the heads of Electronic Arts promise to give battle to Microsoft, Sony, and Google and to their ambitious solutions in-game streaming of Project xCloud, PS Now and Google Stadia to offer their users cloud access to the rich catalog of EA video games, all using any device that can connect to a broadband network.

In the questionnaire submitted to EA’s newsletter subscribers, among the choice options offered by the Redwood City house, the Nintendo Switch console is the only videogame platform to be mentioned in a range of technological systems that include tablets, smart TVs, smartphone or set-top boxes.

The Project Atlas cloud platform has recently entered an important testing phase: the possible launch of the Electronic Arts program in-game streaming on Nintendo’s hybrid console would certainly help to improve the situation that has been created in these years with the poor EA Switch to support. And you, would you be interested in playing cloud on Switch to EA games, either through a subscription or with the digital purchase of individual titles? Let us know with a comment.