State of Play in September: what can we expect? There will be no announcements on PS5

State of Play in September:

Tonight at 10 pm, (GMT +2), Sony will be broadcasting a 20-minute State of Play, which will feature news on The Last of Us Part 2 and other Sony Worldwide Studios games … and more. What will we see exactly tonight?

On a brief note, the company stated that ” we are preparing a show full of ads, lasting about 20 minutes and with a new look. We will have fantastic news to share with you, including announcements of new games, new contents of Worldwide Studios and other news. “

Confirmed as already mentioned the presence of The Last of Us Part 2, perhaps with the announcement of the release date, Sony could also unveil October’s free PlayStation Plus games, whose official release would be scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 25 September. There is also talk about the announcement of the new Batman Arkham, WB Games has been publishing various teasers since last weekend but it is not certain that the game can be unveiled during today’s event, it is just speculation.

Expected news instead of Sony Worldwide Studios, it is not clear, however, if the reference is to new games for PlayStation 4, VR productions or maybe updates on titles already announced. There will be no news of any kind on PlayStation 5, as confirmed by Sony: ” do not expect updates on our plans for the new generation in this episode.