Super Mario Party: data miners find plans for a DLC and a new board

Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party, the incarnation on Nintendo Switch of the famous “table game” and collection of Mario’s and partners’ mini-games, proved to be a good title that probably sold even beyond the expectations of the Kyoto company, with over 1.5 million copies distributed only in the first month after its release.

For some reason, however, Nintendo support has been virtually absent, which is strange considering that the Grande N, in general, continues to release updates on first-party games, as we saw in Mario Tennis Aces for example, and as was announced with the upcoming DLCs ​​of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Unfortunately for game lovers instead, no additional content was released for Super Mario Party. Some data miners, however, have dug into the game code and found what actually looks like plans for a Season Pass, which would indicate that Nintendo’s initial plans foresaw rather important support for the game. Also within the code, there are references to a new board, with a city theme, which you can see in the picture at the bottom of the news.

Why then did Nintendo decide not to develop more content for the game? Unfortunately at the moment, it remains a mystery. What do you think? Would you like to receive DLC for Super Mario Party?

Super Mario Party