Techland not joking: the post-launch support of Dying Light 2 will last several years!

Dying Light 2 Will Resemble Game of Thrones, According to Techland

Exchanging a chat with the editors of the Prankster101 site, Techland’s lead developer Tymon Smektala reiterated the willingness of the Polish development company to actively support the Dying Light 2 project for many years.

In a similar way to what was done with the first, iconic chapter of this post-apocalyptic open-world series, this time to the author at the head of the Techland development team confirms the desire to actively support the sequel project through a constant injection of unpublished content.

According to what was stated by Smektala, in fact, if “Dying Light 1 was supported for 4 years after its publication, the plans concerning Dying Light 2 are exactly the same. We want this game to be intensively supported after its “We know that many fans expect us to receive a massive dose of updates, extra challenges, expansions and things like that. What we can do, then, is just promise to do our best to offer them exactly that.