The gamer you don’t expect: Korn’s Jonathan Davis loves Borderlands 3 and easy games

Korn's Jonathan Davis

If you are passionate about music, the name of Jonathan Davis may be familiar to you: it is the name of the Korn frontman, the nu metal band started in the 90s and still in business. The singer during a recent interview talked about his relationship with video games.

Although you wouldn’t know, given the genre of music played and the incredible energy that Korn brings to the stage, Davis is actually a lover of colorful and carefree games like the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot trilogy, and one of his favorite games is Toy Story 3: The Video Game. “Toy Story 3 is a really cool game. I still play it, even though it’s been released for years because it’s still so good. When I’m bored and I want to get a little out of my way, I play and do all the missionary things there are, they’re fun “.

But the singer does not live alone. Indeed, in early 2000, Davis was so passionate about videogames that he wanted to create one of his own, called Pop Scars. A kind of fighting game that included the participation of other names in music such as Limp Bizkit and Marilyn Manson: “All the biggest pop and rock stars at the time wanted to do it. We had an agreement with a gaming company, but they had to pull themselves together back because they had to reorganize themselves internally to create other games. Nothing was done in short, but it was really beautiful. “

And now? In what video game would you like Jonathan Davis to appear? His first answer was Fortnite: although he didn’t play it himself, his children are passionate about it. But then he starts talking about Borderlands, of which he is a big fan. The singer fails to break away from the third installment of the saga, and who knows, maybe in the future an NPC will not be added to a side quest perhaps with his features.

The interview ended then talking about the difficulty in games, an evergreen topic in gamer discussions. According to Davis, some video games are beautiful, but they are not for everyone, which is a problem. One for all? Cuphead.

“It’s too difficult, I don’t enjoy it. Some people like the challenge, but I don’t, I just want to play. Give me an easy mode, please, I just want to enjoy it!”

What do you think of his words?