The ISFE defends Steam: the resale of digital games is unjust and harmful

Steam Has Finally Added the LGBTQ + Label to the Games in the Catalog

As we have reported on these pages a few days ago, the UFC-Que Choisir, the association of French consumers, has accused – winning, however, the protracted court case – Steam of not allowing its users to resell the video games they buy digitally on the known marketplace dedicated to PC gaming.

In the meantime the UFC-Que Choisir would therefore like Steam to effectively sell the user licenses to its customers, the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) declares itself totally unfavorable to this possible scenario that would certainly unleash a revolution for the entire gaming industry, increasingly based on digital sales.

“The French law is in clear contradiction with the established European laws that recognize the need to protect digital downloads from the danger of replication allowed by the Internet. Far from supporting the players, these laws, if approved, will dramatically and negatively affect the investments in the creative sphere, in the production and publication of, not just games, but of the entire content of digital entertainment in Europe. If European creators cannot defend their investments and their intellectual properties, the impact will be disastrous both for the industry for players”.

The issue, at the moment, remains unresolved, with Valve promptly making an appeal after receiving the sentence from the Paris Regional Court. Steam, meanwhile, will not receive any changes as long as you do not get a definitive answer in this regard.