The Joy-Con drifting even on Nintendo Switch Lite? Here is a video that shows it

Nintendo Switch Lite

That of the Joy-Con Drifting is perhaps the main problem of a console, Nintendo Switch, which instead has convinced practically everyone, from the press to the critics. Unfortunately, however, this is a nuisance that has hit several consoles, especially among the first to be produced, so much so that the Grande N is due to run for cover.

It is news a few months ago that, at least in the States, the Kyoto company declared that it wanted to repair the controllers that presented this problem-free of charge. This is a communication fault between the console and the pad, with the latter continuing to send motion inputs even when it is at rest and no one is using it. Over time, however, reports have decreased, so it seemed that Nintendo had managed to resolve the situation.

However, a testimony arrives unexpectedly that returns to cast shadows on the quality of Joy-Con, since it shows that the problem of drifting even on Nintendo Switch Lite. In the video, in question, you can see the right controller presenting this type of problem, so much so that in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, the camera continues to run even with the console resting on the table.

It must be said that this is the first absolute indication of drifting on Switch Lite, so before launching alarmism it could simply deal with a defective console. If others were to arrive, it could actually be a problem: Joy-Con repair drifting on Switch Lite is more expensive than on the traditional console model.

It is to be hoped that Switch’s little sister will not play jokes, in short.