The police mistake him for a thief, but he is playing Pokémon GO

pokemon go

At the time of the release of Pokémon GO, it was not so unusual to come across bizarre stories about the Niantic app users, who went around distracted in search of little things regardless of the consequences, and thus ended up risking being hit by a car, or to invade private property.

Over time, however, the habit has led to such stories (someone searched for Pokémon in a hospital delivery room, and others risked being arrested because of Pokémon GO ) if they were ever less verified. Thus the episode that took place in recent days in Cislago near Saronno in Italy, where a player of Pokémon GO was mistaken for a thief by the Police, arouses curiosity.

The boy has in fact been seen wandering around with suspicion around some houses as if he were looking for a weak spot, a crack to break in and carry out a robbery. In reality, the young man was simply looking for a pokémon that was around in those parts.

When the police stopped him, the alleged criminal, between the mortified and scared, immediately showed his smartphone and explained the situation to the agents, who noticed the false alarm and released the boy.

In short, all is well that ends well, although it is always good to pay attention when playing around in the street with an app capable of engaging and distracting like Niantic’s.