The Xbox App for mobile devices is updated with voice chat and other new features

Xbox App for mobile

The Xbox application for iOS and Android systems has recently been updated with new features that enhance the chat, as well as a series of bug fixes and general performance improvements.

Over time, the Xbox App has become a valuable support tool for users of the Microsoft home console, with new features that have in fact equated the version of the mobile dashboard with that of the home console. This application, alongside the one dedicated to the Xbox Game Pass, allows you to have complete control over what happens in the entire Microsoft gaming platform.

With the latest version available, the possibility of uploading an image or a gif directly from the mobile device was introduced. Furthermore, mobile voice chat has finally been implemented, allowing you to interact with your friends even when you are away from the console or PC. Microsoft has also decided to temporarily suspend the OneGuide service, dedicated to TV programs, in order to provide a better version of the same.

In short, the Xbox environment seems increasingly unified: in addition to Xbox One and PC, Microsoft is also working on the mobile sector. Today, September 24th, the new episode of Inside Xbox will take place and there may be news about the Project xCloud streaming service, which also involves gaming on smartphones. As always, we will keep you updated.