Watch Dogs Legion is so ambitious that quality control is really arduous

For Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft Wants Players to

Watch Dogs Legion is one of the most ambitious titles ever for Ubisoft. In the new open-world adventure focused on the exploits of DedSec hackers, players will be able to literally control any London resident.

Each of them will have unique characteristics and stories, which will intertwine with those of other citizens, influencing the entire game world. As can be easily understood, the implementation of such a complex gameplay feature turned out to be a real nightmare for French team programmers. There are many variables in the field, so making sure that artificial intelligence does not engage in anomalous behavior is not easy at all. To admit it was Associate Producer Shelley Johnson in an interview with colleagues from Stevivor: “To be honest, I think this is really the first game in which Ubisoft discovered the limits of human testing(quality control) “ .

The testers are working really hard trying to replicate all possible scenarios and identify bugs, glitches, and other problems before the launch, scheduled on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia for March 6th, 2020. Will they succeed?