Zelda Breath of the Wild: a player manages to finish it using only the Shields!

Zelda Breath of the Wild

The PointCrow YouTuber wanted to push the kaleidoscopic gameplay system of Zelda Breath of the Wild to the limit, taking on an incredibly difficult challenge, namely to complete the adventure by choosing not to equip any conventional weapon but only the Shields.

The young content creator of the popular Google video platform has been so busy for hours devoting himself to this seemingly impossible challenge and discovered, to his surprise, that it is perfectly feasible.

To achieve its goal, the enterprising PointCrow didn’t have to do anything but study the timing of the counterattack through the shield parades in the boss challenges. In the open world phases, the author of this challenge than had to master the use of unlockable skills through the Sheikah Tablet and carefully choose which battles to face based on the metal objects in the surroundings. In addition to the use of the shields, therefore, the YouTuber approached the fighting with the minor enemies present in the dungeons and in the open-world map of Hyrule using only the function of Kalamitron of the Sheikah Tablet to throw objects at the opponents of the turn.

The challenge undertaken by this original Zelda Breath of the Wild enthusiast is reminiscent of that performed by the fan of role-playing games that managed to finish Skyrim with the Torch. Then there are those who, interpreting Link, used BOTW glitches to transform bookstores into perpetual motion machines or to fly and swim with Sidon in every region of the map.