Apex Legends: loading screen and Cypto’s skill icons in new images


All the attention from the Apex Legends community is now turned to Crypto, the mysterious character that will be introduced next week with Season 3 that seems to hide something big.

Waiting to discover why his recent activities in the Arena that led him to destroy Repulsore’s tower, to let flying creatures enter and to violate security systems, we can console ourselves by giving the first look at some images that show us the Crypto loading screen and its skill icons.

As you can see in the gallery below, many of the hacker’s abilities will involve his little drone, which will help him not only to detect enemies but also to interact remotely with some objects scattered around the Kings Canyon. instead the loading screen, it is practically certain that it is one of the rewards of the next Season Pass, whose contents are still top secret.

In addition to inviting you to read the latest tweets on Crypto, which seems to have come into possession of the official battle royale account, we remind you that cross-save could soon arrive in Apex Legends.