Borderlands 3: how to get Night Flyer, Batman’s gun that does not kill

Borderlands 3: how to get Night Flyer

Among the many tributes reserved for popular culture, Borderlands 3 also includes an easter egg dedicated to Batman. In this mini-guide we explain what it is about, allowing you to get the legendary Night Flyer gun inspired by the batman.

This easter egg can only be discovered in the later stages of the game, so if you are still at the beginning of the adventure we advise you to continue reading the mini-guide with caution.

Where to find Batman’s easy egg

The Batman starter egg is located south-west of Carnivora, on Pandora, inside the purple circle that we traced on the first image shown at the bottom of the page. The spawn of the egg set, however, is not guaranteed. To understand if it is present or not at that moment, it is enough to raise your eyes to the sky in search of the famous bat-signal. If you don’t see it, all you have to do is leave the game session, reload the last save and go back to the place until you see the bat-signal.

Kill Rakkman

Once you have identified the bat-signal, head to the cave and enter the Rakk’s Cave. From the small door on the left, the boss Rakkman will come out, which you will have to kill. The enemy will vanish and appear in various areas, even above the big screen. He can also generate flying Rakks that will try to attack you, so try to avoid them as much as possible. Once killed, you will have the chance to drop the legendary Batman dedicated Night Flyer gun. If you are not lucky enough to find it in the loot on the first try, all you have to do is exit the game, reload the game and kill Rakkman again until you find the weapon.

Night Flyer looks like a rather peculiar legendary gun. It has an excellent rate of fire (13.23 / s) and a good damage capacity (954), in addition to the possibility of performing a 2.2x and 4x zoom with the integrated viewfinder. That is, what makes it special, however, is a particular feature linked to Batman, the character to which it is inspired. The gun has only one rule: it can’t kill, just like the batman. Using Night Flyer, in fact, you can leave at most of your enemies with 1 HP of life, seeing you forced to finish them with another weapon or with a melee shot. What do you think?

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