COD Modern Warfare: developers respond to criticism about exclusive PS4 storms


As you well know by now, some of the contents of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will not arrive immediately on all platforms and can only be used by owners of the PlayStation 4 game.

The fact that among the exclusive temporal contents there is the Modern Warfare Survival mode, which will arrive on PC and Xbox One only in October 2020, did not go right down to the fans, who gave all the colors to the development team.

Precisely for this reason, a response from Taylor Kurosaki, narrative director at Infinity Ward, arrived a few hours after the controversy :

“We do our best every day to give users the best possible experience. There are decisions regarding our compensation that must necessarily be taken into consideration. I understand your disagreement, but I assure you that this is much better than it is be seen in other similar situations. “

“Survival only represents 1% of the game. I prefer that everyone can play 99% of the game at the same time rather than receive 100% at a later time.”

In fact, the exclusive PlayStation 4 time seems to be about the cooperative wave mode only and, unlike what is seen with Black Ops 4, it will not involve incoming maps and multiplayer modes via free updates. It is therefore confirmed that the Survival mode is the only one involved in the exclusivity agreement with Sony and there does not seem to be any other content arriving only on PS4.

We remind you that Modern Warfare will arrive in all stores starting October 25, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (only on