csold 177,000 pieces at the launch in Japan

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How did sales of Nintendo Switch Lite go in Japan? Apparently not very well even though today there are new conflicting data compared to those released yesterday by the ZhugeEx analyst and that has also led to a decline in Nintendo shares at the Nikkei index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Daniel Ahmad spoke of about 114,000 consoles sold during the first weekend (from September 20th to 22nd) while the consoles actually sold in this time frame would be 177,936, at least according to figures released by Famitsu, or about 60,000 more than what was declared.

In any case, these would be numbers below the expectations of the Kyoto company, which had planned to sell 300,000 pieces during the launch weekend. In total last week, Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite sold 240,000 units in Japan

There are still no numbers regarding sales in Europe and North America, however, Nintendo seems satisfied with the welcome given to Switch Lite, which is set to become one of the sure bestsellers of the Christmas season, also thanks to the launch of new exclusives such as Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sword and Shield .