DayZ: trailer and release date of the new map, Livonia


To close the episode of this night of the Inside Xbox there was the announcement of a new DayZ expansion, thanks to which players will be able to return to survive in a new map called Livonia.

For the uninitiated, this new gaming area is not completely new for Bohemia Interactive fans, since it is a review of one of the areas featured in Arma 3’s Contact expansion. Livonia is a map rich in forests and rivers where you can search for supplies and build settlements. Obviously it will not be easy to survive in this new area since, in addition to having to worry about the other players and the zombies, you will also have to keep the dangerous bears at bay, which could ambush you at any moment.

Before leaving you to the Livonia announcement trailer, we remind you that the DLC will arrive on November 13th, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Did you know that recently Bohemia Interactive made significant changes to the game to avoid DayZ ban in Australia?