Felix the Reaper: the new video fixes the release of the puzzle game on the “life of Death”

Felix the Reaper

During the last episode of Inside Xbox, the authors of Kong Orange showed a new video behind the scenes of Felix the Reaper to confirm their imminent release on PC and Xbox One, as well as on Switch and PS4.

The black humor that permeates the entire work of the Danish developers of Kong Orange is based on the events that came to Felix, a romantic goblin who, working at the Ministry of Death , will become infatuated with the splendid Betty the Maiden to the point of going beyond to dance step the numerous laws that regulate the transit between the world of the dead and that of the “incarnates”.

The “colleague” Betty, in fact, will be no less than the Minister of Life, hence the light-hearted and tragicomic vein that transpires from the gameplay scenes proposed by the European authors. From a strictly content and playful point of view, the title promises to give us hours and hours of fun through the resolution of puzzles of increasing difficulty based on overcoming environmental enigmas placed on the path of Felix.

The launch of Felix the Reaper is scheduled for October 17 on PC (Steam and GOG.com) and home consoles, ie on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.