Fortnite: it touches giant luminous cube, enters the slit and looks for a landing module


The Challenge Rising Star of Fortnite requires touching a cube bright giant, enter the slit and look for a lander. In this mini-guide we explain how to complete it, showing you where to go inside the map.

To complete this challenge, it is enough for you to locate the giant cube, a slit, and a landing module. We show you where to find them.

Where and how to touch the giant luminous cube

The luminous giant cube is located under the floating island positioned above Boschetto Bisunto. All you have to do is land near Boschetto Bisunto and touch the giant Giant Cube during landing.

How and where to enter the slit

This part of the challenge is very simple. Just visit Sacking Shores and go to the low-gravity field in the center of it. There is a huge luminous globe in those parts: you can just jump into it.

Where to find the landing module

Head to the large meteor located north-east of Borgo Bislacco and south of Magazzino Muffito . Once you get on the meteor, we advise you to go down to the second level. There is a hole on the north side that you can go through to find the landing module.

If you need a visual reference to complete the challenge more easily, you can watch the video at the top of the news.

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