Fortnite leak: after so much controversy, will the BRUTO mech be permanently removed?


According to Fortnite data miner reports, among the most hidden folds of the code present in the latest Epic Games battle royale update, important clues would emerge on the definitive removal of the BRUTUS mech from the island of the most famous and played a free shooter on the planet.

To feed these rumours is the collective of amateur programmers that operates on Twitter through the now-famous FortTory account, with the image of a screen that would show the infection of BRUTO by a mysterious virus capable of affecting the electronic systems and at the same hi-tech armour.

The areas of mech affected by this unusual phenomenon that should occur in the final event of Season 10 would include the central armour and the main armaments. The use of skull icons with crossbones by Epic and the presence of a bar that suggests the explosion of the means of transport and combat introduced in Fortnite Season 10, consequently, do nothing but feed the rumours on the imminent removal of BRUTUS from the free-to-play universe of Fortnite.

The powerful “bipedal exoskeleton”, in fact, has been repeatedly disabled and rehabilitated by Epic Games on the basis of indications provided by users and, above all, of the complaints that accompanied the first phases of Season X. Before leaving you every comment further to the news of the potential provision of the BRUTO mech, we remind you that Fortnite Season 11 will welcome the Bots and, perhaps, a completely new map.