Fortnite Update 10.40: lots of leaks waiting for the known patches


The Fortnite update 10.40 is online, and while waiting for Epic Games to publish the known patches that give certain and official information on all the updates of the update, there have been many rumors and leakages on Fortnite online, that we go to tell in this news.

One of the most important could be the BRUTOS, the highly controversial mecha on which the players have split since debuting during Fortnite Season 10. Many have in fact protested for their inclusion, which would have unbalanced the game too much in favor of those who use them, and many users have clamored for its removal. Epic has always defended the choice, even though it has lowered the statistics, but it seems that now some news is coming about.

According to the leaked image, the BRUTOS are about to develop a sort of virus, or at least they are about to be hit by something that will weaken them, giving them particular weaknesses. What is the first step towards their elimination?

Fortnite Insider speaks instead of two new areas of the upcoming map, a new mission to be completed in Gotham City and in a new place called Starry Suburbs, and a new playlist called The Combine, which should test abilities and memory of the players.

Finally, improvements should have been made with regard to assisted aiming, another characteristic often targeted by various criticisms.

What do you think of these changes? Stay tuned with us waiting for all the official news on Fortnite update 10.40.