Gears 5: players and streamer against a malfunctioning game mechanic

Gears 5 collectibles of the Campaign.

Gears 5 was one of the most anticipated titles of recent times and the Microsoft exclusive developed by The Coalition did not disappoint expectations. But apparently there is a mechanic that seems to be working badly and that is infuriating fans and streamer.

The problem seems to arise regardless of where the player finds it, and therefore, even if you are not on the edge of a structure, you may find yourself with the character coming out of the cover, leaving you exposed and under enemy fire.

This made some streamer and players very angry, who expressed all their frustration during live broadcasts, for a basic as well as fundamental mechanics, which perhaps needs to be corrected or refined by The Coalition.

In any case, Gears 5 will continue to receive the usual amount of updates and patches, so it is likely that, especially if the problem is echoed, it will be solved in a short time. What do you think? Has this annoyance also happened to you?