LA Noire The VR Case Files for PSVR: 25% discount for owners of the original game


LA Noire The VR Case Files, which includes seven stand-alone cases from the original game reconstructed specifically for the virtual reality environment, is now available for PlayStation VR.

Immerse yourself in the faithfully reconstructed world of 1940s Los Angeles , living through the eyes of Detective Cole Phelps and solving cases from all five departments in the original LA Noire , including: After careful consideration, Armed and dangerous, Caveat emptor, The console machine, The murder of silk stockings, A sea of ​​grass and Another war, all chosen because they are suitable for being experimented in a virtual reality environment.

In addition to the cases to be solved, LA Noire The VR Case Files for PlayStation VR offers detective Cole Phelps three new mini-games with which to relax to take full advantage of the game’s virtual reality mechanics:

  • Boxing: Get in the ring as Cole Phelps and take on 12 different opponents
  • Car race: race onboard the classic “speed cars” of the ’40s against AI-controlled opponents on three different dirt tracks
  • Shooting range: train your aim with target shooting in four different shooting ranges, each with different challenges, targets, and weapons

LA Noire The VR Case Files for PlayStation VR also offers a technically enhanced experience, specially packaged for the PlayStation system, with greater visual distance, higher visual fidelity, new sitting, and standing modes. You can also press a key to bend down and inspect objects more easily. The navigation of the world, the movements and the optimization of weapons have also been improved.

LA Noire owners on PlayStation 4 will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of LA Noire The VR Case Files by selecting Get VR Cases in the main menu of the game on the system.