Let yourself be swept away by a wave of artwork dedicated to Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Artwork

Borderlands 3 recently made its debut on consoles and PCs. Brian Cozzens, artistic director of the first chapters, published in the pages of ArtStation Magazine a fantastic wave of artwork dedicated to the development of the new chapter of the series.

” I was the artistic director of the first Borderlands. I helped the team create a first prototype of the graphic aspect of the series. Since then I have been involved in the artistic direction of the various chapters of the series, in one way or another, during the last few years “, begins Brian.

” Each development team leaves its own imprint, its own style in the game. The aesthetics of Borderlands is like a living being, it has its own breath, it comes to life and gives the series a unique look that fans appreciate “, adds the director artistic.

The collection is also intended, by Cozzens, as a tribute to ” all those who have never had the chance to show their creations, during the endless hours of work that led to the development of the series. Without their dedication, nothing at all this would have been possible “.

So let yourself be enchanted by the colors and the original graphic style of the splendid collection of Borderlands 3 artwork, a title available since last September 13 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X and Windows PC.

Before you lose yourself among the fantastic images that await you, we remind you that Borderlands 3 is sold at 5 million copies. Finally, the creative director of the project, Paul Sage, on the occasion of the first episode of The Borderlands Show (a web series dedicated to the new chapter), left intends that the Borderlands series could land on Switch.