Mario Kart Racing Wheel: unveiled the wheel for Switch with official license


Hori, the manufacturer of accessories dedicated to gaming, presented the new Mario-dedicated wheel with an official license, the Mario Kart Racing Wheel, compatible with the large N. hybrid console.

The steering wheel will come in two different versions, a ” standard ” and a more expensive ” deluxe “. The accessory will give the possibility to configure all the controls present on the Joy-Con and on the Pro Controller and will be compatible with Nintendo Switch and PC. All the keys present will be fully mappable and also the “dead zone” and the sensitivity of the controls can be adjusted, so as to have maximum control over the steering range of the steering wheel.

The announcement coincides with the publication of Mario Kart Tour, already available on iOS and Android mobile devices. At this time, the pre-order of the Mario Kart Racing Wheel can be made on Play-Asia at a price of 72.50 euros in the standard version and 130.70 euros in the deluxe version, while there is still no news for western market retailers. The official release of the Mario Kart Racing Wheel is scheduled for November 30th.