Mario Kart Tour: here’s how to start again to get the desired starter character

Mario Kart Tour:

Not without problems, Mario Kart Tour, the new mobile game from Nintendo dedicated to famous arcade racing game, was finally made available this morning. Although there have been several criticisms due to the presence of microtransactions and the Gold Pass in Mario Kart Tour, the app has been downloaded by many users.

As you have noticed, at the start of the game you are assigned two random starter characters, different for each player. Naturally, since these are RNG mechanics, it is not possible to predict or even decide the characters that the CPU will want to give us, so it is not certain that you will immediately find yourself running with the driver you were waiting for.

To try to increase your chances there would be a method: to restart the game if you were not satisfied. Once you have read the tutorial and discovered the two pilots assigned, just go to the Options section at the bottom right of the screen and look for the option to restart the game.

Once this is done, you will have to cancel you save and disconnect your Nintendo account and the associated game data. Once the game is closed and the app is reopened, the option will appear to reconnect the same Nintendo account to the Mario Kart Tour, which obviously will not contain the save data, which have previously been deleted.

At this point, all that remains is to re-read the tutorial and hope for luck, and eventually repeat all the steps from the beginning.

And you, what characters did you get? Are you satisfied or will you also try this method?