Mario Kart Tour: reported server problems and connection errors

Mario Kart Tour: First Details From the Closed Beta for Android

Mario Kart Tour is now available on iPhone and Android however it seems that the launch of Nintendo’s new mobile game is not exactly free of problems, so much so that at the moment it is impossible to access the app.

At present Nintendo has announced extraordinary maintenance of the servers, nobody seems to have managed to play with Mario Kart Tour as the infrastructure has been offline for hours but only recently a message appeared warning of maintenance operations in progress.

According to some witnesses, there were also problems with the login and correct recognition of the Nintendo account, a problem almost certainly due to the unstable behavior of the servers and the network infrastructure. The Kyoto house is working to bring the situation back to normal and in the near future, Mario Kart Tour should be playable without particular hitches.

Have any of you managed to access the Mario Kart Tour? In the meantime we remember that the app is regularly available for download from the App Store and Google Play, the game can be downloaded at no cost with support for microtransactions, whose operation has not yet been revealed in detail, we will certainly know more during the day today.