Mario Kart Tour will have a Gold subscription of 4.99 euros per month

Mario Kart Tour

Although Mario Kart Tour is basically a free to play the game , Nintendo has provided several ways to monetize through micro-transactions, also launching an unprecedented Gold Pass, a sort of subscription that will sell for 4.99 euros a month.

Therefore the business model for the Grande N has changed and in Super Mario Run, for example, it had foreseen an unlocking of the extra contents with a one-off payment, and instead now introduces a sort of monthly pass renewable from time to time to continue to have access to exclusive features.

Who will make the subscription, in fact, will be able to unlock the 200cc mode and earn gold rewards through the races, as well as having some karts, characters and other elements still not better specified on an exclusive basis?

Considering that there are also other elements that exploit microtransactions, such as cars and pilots, to fully enjoy the gaming experience it seems that it will be necessary to shell out some money, which will probably make Mario Kart Tour the object of several criticisms. What do you think of the situation?

Meanwhile, despite some problems with the launch of the Mario Kart Tour, the game is finally available for download and access, but for the multiplayer mode, we will have to wait. The menu reads “Available with a future update”.