MediEvil: a video highlights more than a few uncertainties in the demo frame


Immediately after the closure of the State of Play last night, which saw the new trailer for The Last of Us 2 as the absolute protagonist, a free demo of MediEvil also arrived, which players can download until the end of next week. However, analyzing the performance of the demo, it seems that it doesn’t run all smooth as oil.

In fact, the game aims at 60 frames per second but it seems that it struggles to reach them, which translates into numerous uncertainties in the framerate. In fact, there are very few moments in which the quantity of frames differs from the average of about 40 FPS to reach the goal of 60. The title suffers particularly during the fighting when the presence of enemies on-screen impacts the framerate until it collapses to 30.

This is obviously a problem that could only and exclusively involve this demo version. It is not to be excluded that the developers, after entering into the gold phase of Medievil, set to work on an update that will be published at day-one to fix these technical problems.

We remind you that the game will arrive on the shelves of all stores starting October 25, 2019, exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Finally, it should be noted that by completing the demo, available until October 6, 2019, you will get an exclusive helmet in the final version of the game.