MediEvil: PS4 time trial announced, now available for download


Confirming the rumors of the last hours, Sony has finally announced the arrival of a free demo version of its MediEvil Remaster, available for everyone from tonight.

To download the demo, simply visit the game page on PlayStation Store and click on the button to the left with “try a free demo”, to add it to your digital library.

During the event, no details were announced as to the weight and contents of the demo, but according to the leak this morning it is highly probable that it contains the first areas of the adventure of Sir Daniel Fortesque and weighs about 11 GB. You will have time until October 6th, 2019 to try the demo, last day in which you can add it to your library. Also playing this trial version you will have access to an exclusive reward to be used in the final version of the game, namely Dan ‘s helmet.

Before leaving you to the demo trailer, we remind you that the game will be available both in physical and digital format starting next October 25th, 2019, exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Did you know that MediEvil has officially entered the gold phase? The development team announced this on their Twitter account. Should you ever want to watch the game on the move, we invite you to take a look at the video gameplay of Medievil Remaster shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2019.