Nintendo Switch Lite: how have Joy-Cons changed? Let’s see them from the inside

Nintendo Switch Lite

With the release of Nintendo Switch Lite also came the first analysis on the review of the Grande N hybrid console, now in a purely portable version. The players’ hope is that the new machine will solve the problem of Joy-Con drifting. Will it really be like this?

The iFixit site has published an article in which it basically opened Nintendo Switch Mini and analyzed its components and its differences with the previous model. There are indeed some differences, even in the Joy-Con area. The most obvious is, of course, the size. Some components are therefore smaller and even the parts that control the keys are narrower.

However, one of the theories used to explain drifting was the deterioration with time of the black contacts under the metal sliders, which seem to have remained the same. The site, however, points out that they could be made of a more resistant material, but it was not possible to determine the thing with certainty.

In short, has the problem been solved? Probably yes, even if just yesterday came the first report of Joy-Con Drifting on Nintendo Switch Lite, which however could also be a single case of a malfunctioning console.

As for the other differences between Switch Lite and classic, there are the speakers, which now seem to offer a better sound, mainly because now the latter is channeled downwards instead of through the display.