PlayStation State of Play: from The Last of Us 2 to Wattam, all the news presented!

PlayStation State of Play

The new PlayStation State of Play has brought with it a wide range of content, ranging from some of the most anticipated productions from the videogame community to the announcement of new games.

On the first front, we cannot fail to mention the new trailer for The Last of Us Part 2, which has finally revealed the release date of the game. News on the front of the new Hideo Kojima IP, with the presentation of a PS4 PRO with a Death Stranding theme. In terms of exclusives, Sony has confirmed the launch of a MediEvil Demo. Rather surprisingly, the gaming colossus also announced the September PlayStation Plus free games.

Space will also be given to in-depth studies on titles already known to the public, with the presentation of the COD Modern Warfare campaign. A new trailer, which you can see at the beginning of the news, has also announced the launch window of Wattam, which will debut in December 2019. News also on the front of PlayStation VR, with the announcement of LA Noir The VR Case Files and other titles for Sony Virtual Reality. During the appointment, space is also given to the Afterparty trailer, which can be viewed at the bottom. As said, space also for some absolute novelties, among which the announcement of Humanity and the presentation of the first trailer of Arise: A Simple Story.