Pokémon GO: Giratina arrives in today’s Legendary Hour

Pokemon GO: how to get Giratina

Good news for the Pokémon GO coaches who still failed to capture a Giratina specimen. The Legendary Hour dedicated to legendary pokémon is in fact arriving today, so be prepared to take the field in raids.

As you know, the Legendary Hour of Pokémon GO is an hour-long event, which usually comes to the Niantic app once a week. In that particular hour, all the free raids in their city will host the Legendary Pokémon to which the event, in this case, Giratina, from the Sinnoh Fourth Generation is dedicated.

And since all the gyms will host this little creature, it goes without saying that the chances of being able to capture it increase, since there is no need to go forced to a place may be away from home.

The Legendary Hour will begin at 6 pm (GMT +2) today, and since Niantic has recently made the Shiny version of Giratina available, perhaps you are not lucky enough to find it.

Despite having been out for three years, the game continues to be extremely popular. Last August was the best month for Pokémon GO since 2016. Are you still active on the Niantic app? Are you ready for today’s raids?