Red Dead Online: Wolf Man, last sighting near Lake Isella


A violent and isolated hermit known as the Wolf Man is wanted for a series of brutal murders. We invite anyone who wants to hunt down this bloodthirsty individual with the utmost caution: it is thought to have retreated to the foot of the snowy hills near Lake Isabella, an area that teems with dangerous predators like wolves and bears.

Once a legendary Size mission is completed after a short period of time it can be found again on the bulletin boards of the sizes with a higher difficulty level (represented by the number of stars on the poster). In the case of the Wolf Man, at 4 or 5-star difficulty levels, to receive the reward must deliver it alive.

Licensed Bounty Hunters who complete the Legendary Wolf Man mission on any difficulty level will receive the Strayhorn Fur-lined Boots in an exclusive red tint as a reward. The boots will be available in the wardrobe, in the “Boots” section, within 48 hours of completion of the assignment.

This week for Collectors there is a new list of collectibles to find, namely the Saint-Denis Collection, which includes a bottle of cognac, the Beaulieux diamond ring, and Beauchêne ruby ​​earrings. Find all the items and deliver them by 30 September to Madame Nazar, in person or by mail. If you want to hone your gunslinger skills, this week’s Deadly Series with Mira manual is designed to test and reward the West’s most experienced select shooters. In order not to miss any competitive series with Mira manual, remember to take a look at the online menu every week.

This week, the Wheeler Catalog, Rawson & Co. expands its offer with many new very different clothes. Players looking for new hats can try the Trilby Hat, the Hurley Cap, the Ledbetter Hat, and the Bartley Cap. The Poncho Fuentes and the Gill Killiman are two elegant novelties this week, while the Hollman Pants perfectly embody American utilitarianism and resistance.

The Chaftin and Olmo shirts are perfect additions to any gentleman’s wardrobe, while the frontier ladies can have a certain interest in the elegant Huerta and Winford blouses, as well as the Hadley Skirt, made of leather. The new Rutherford Boots will survive even the most arduous of journeys, while the Strayhorn Boots, with laces and fur lining, are the ideal footwear to face the snow-covered walls and valleys of the five states. What about the Inglett Scarf or the new model of the classic Bandana? With these accessories, you will surely notice.