Shenmue 3: the playable demo will be available on the weekend for the backers


Shenmue 3, the latest in the epic saga created by Yu Sukuzi, will be playable next weekend as a trial for those who have contributed to the crowdfunding campaign. The demo will allow players to experience a day in the village of Bailu.

The demo version will present an “independent” act that will take place in the first area of Shenmue 3, the Bailu Village. The mission will last an hour but can be replayed until the main objective has been completed. Secondary activities will, therefore, be completely explorable, including all areas of the available map. The demo will be accompanied by a game guide in PDF and the saves that will be carried out cannot be transferred to the final version.

Unlike the final version of Shenmue 3, saving and loading functions will not be available in the demo, there will be no introductory tutorial and some additional notes will be missing. The download and installation will require approximately 20 GB of space and various languages will be supported including Japanese, English and Italian. Once the trial period is over, a survey will be distributed for those who have contributed to crowdfunding.

After the contents shown during TGS 2019, there will, therefore, be the possibility to test the game. We remind you that Shenmue 3 will arrive on November 19th on PlayStation 4 and PC.