Take Two renews the Mafia brand: will the new chapter be released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?

Mafia 4

The leaders of Take Two have decided to renew the Mafia brand, the open-world adventure that fictitiously traces the history of US organized crime through an interactive path tinged with shooter elements.

In fact, according to the discovery made by the curators of RespawnFirst, last August 2 the American government agency in charge of certification and classification of patents complied with the request received from the representatives of Take Two and 2K Games to renew the Mafia brand.

With this move, the Strauss Zelnick-led video gaming giant secured the full intellectual property rights of the Mafia series for an unspecified period of time but which, presumably, should not be less than five years. The new patent includes the future commercial exploitation rights for the production and distribution of artistic works which include DVDs, Blu-ray, websites, television programs, animated series, comic book series, music and of course, video games.

The operation advocated by Take-Two, consequently, does nothing but rekindle the never-ending desires of those who hope for the return of the Mafia series, perhaps with the advent of the next-gen. The leaders of Hangar 13 , the software house behind the Mafia 3 project , in July of last year said they were immersed in the development of a surprising new IP, without however revealing the identity or nature of the title in question or even indicating the platforms on which he would see the light in the future. And you, would you be happy to see the re-launch of this noir-coloured saga with the release of Mafia 4 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett? Let us know with a comment.