The debut of Nintendo Switch Lite on the British market did not have the desired start

Nintendo Switch Lite

According to a report by, the launch week for Nintendo Switch Lite in the United Kingdom has not shone in a number of sales. Despite the fact that Nintendo’s performance on an annual basis has reached record levels never seen before, the report speaks of 13,500 units sold.

To make a comparison with the other consoles of the Japanese giant, the Nintendo 2DS sold about 200,000 units in just under two months. One of the explanations could be found in the price difference at launch, with Nintendo 2DS sold for £129.99 while Switch Lite reached £199.99. However, the definitive judgments are still premature: according to the retailers, in fact, the growth of Switch Lite will take place in the coming months in conjunction with the arrival of Pokemon Spada and Scudo (which will be testable in preview at the Milan Games Week), given that Nintendo’s proposal refers to the younger audience, looking for a cheaper alternative to the normal version of Switch. Without forgetting that it could become a perfect gift for the Christmas holidays.

The success of Nintendo Switch Lite can only be measured after Christmas.