Will Final Fantasy 7 Remake be split into multiple episodes? No mention on the cover

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Re-Imagine

Square Enix has unveiled what will be the official Final Fantasy VII Remake box art, in a Western version, which will illuminate the eyes and hearts of fans of the legendary RPG saga in the retail version. A small mystery, however, envelops the whole thing.

The front of the box art (the only one shown so far) does not contain any indication regarding the fact that this could only be the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake. If it were presented in this way on store shelves, users could fall into error, thinking of buying the entire work, rather than just a fragment of it.

Square Enix has not yet officially confirmed in how many parts, exactly, the long-awaited Remake will be divided. The company describes the game as ” a revisitation of the original title that has redefined the RPG genre, immersing itself in the game world and life of its characters like never before. The first game of the project will be set in the city of Midgar and will represent a great starting point for the series “.

There seems, therefore, to be no doubt that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be divided into several chapters, sold separately. But then why not bring it back on the cover? In any case, it should be emphasized that the box art is shown only concerns the front part of the physical version; the indication that this could only be the first part of the adventure could be reported on the back.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro starting March 3, 2020. Before leaving, we invite you to admire the battle between Cloud and Abzu in the new gameplay video.