Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft unveils four video games coming to PC

Xbox Game Pass Officially Available for PC Is Also Included in Ultimate

Taking advantage of the media showcase offered by the new episode of Inside Xbox, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb celebrated the growing success of Xbox Game Pass and announced the next batch of video games that will be made available to subscribers to the subscription service on Windows 10 PC within short.

The upcoming videogames destined to become part of the digital game library of all the PC Game Pass subscribers will be Bad North, the simulation driving game DiRT Rally 2.0, the exquisite Cities Skylines management and the acrobatic open-world action shooter Saints Row 4 Re-Elected.

The new games presented (or represented) by the top management of the Microsoft Xbox division will be added to the over 200 titles already available for Game Pass subscribers, with a catalog that on Xbox One has recently received Jump Force and Bloodstained Ritual of the Night and that is preparing to receive, starting September 26th , the prestigious trio consisting of the aforementioned Bad North and DiRT Rally 2.0, along with the open-world adventure of LEGO Worlds .

Also within the Xbox Game Pass offer we also find Gears 5, the amazing shooter of The Coalition available from early September on PC and Xbox One, in addition to the horror adventure Blair Witch, the Dead Cells Metroidvania, the Kingdom Come Deliverance realistic adventure and the HD collection of the first, legendary chapters of Metal Gear Solid.