Destiny 2: the guide to prepare for the arrival of Shadowkeep


In a few days, the Year 3 of Destiny 2 will officially start, since both the free-to-play Una Nuova Luce and the long-awaited Shadows from the Deep are preparing for the debut, which will bring the Guardians back to the moon for the fight a new and frightening threat.

To make sure that you arrive ready to go out on all the news that is going to upset the Bungie shooter, we decided to draw up a list of useful tips to make the most of the last days of the Wealth season.


You know, Destiny 2 players tend to be real beggars and accumulate an incredible amount of items in their store with the hope that that specific weapon could one day have a utility in some builds. If the majority of weapons and armor of this type should be eliminated to free up some space, what you need to keep tight is the materials and the pawns. The former could be an object of exchange with the next NPCs, while the latter could serve to increase the level of the various factions to receive in exchange version 2.0 of the various sets like that of the Crucible. Also, take advantage of the recent changes to the inventory: thanks to them it is now possible to accumulate many more planetary materials in a single slot and therefore you should go and collect as many as possible. Also try swapping some items with the Spider to get the materials in short supply in your inventory and, in the most desperate cases, you could wear some old armor and enter the Volundr Forge for a farming session.

Armature 2.0

Simultaneously with the release of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep all the objects in your inventory will be automatically upgraded and will reach the 750 Power Level. For this reason, we advise you not to infuse any weapon or armor among those in your possession, as you would end up simply in using unnecessary Legendary Fragments, Lumens and Optimizing Nucleus. To maximize the number of Legendary Fragments to take with you in Year 3, we advise you to dismantle all your exotic armor for Hunters, Sorcerers, and Titans. Once you start Shadowkeep you can just recover these armor from the collections to get their 2.0 version immediately.

Keep an eye on I Rinnegati’s activities

Bungie has announced that with the debut of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep and the transition to Steam it will not be possible to access the contents of I Renegades for a limited period of time. Since you cannot, therefore, participate in the activities of Year 2, we can only advise you to do everything you have postponed until today. Whether it’s completing the main quest to avenge Cayde-6 or a forge to try one last time to find a Jotunn, do it as soon as possible.
Still talking about I Rinnegati and its activities, the third Super of each sub-class was released as soon as possible in case you haven’t already done so. Currently, there is no precise information on how and when players who will start playing next week will be able to get the special moves introduced with the first major expansion of the game and it is better to recover before it is too late. With the release of Shadows from the Deep, you will also risk that activities like the Blind Well will be emptied further, making the finding of the Seeds of Light even more frustrating.

Pinnacle Weapons

The weapons of the Pinnacle are among the most popular at the moment in Destiny 2 and, despite getting guns like the Ascetic and the Summit require great efforts, we do not know how their quests can change in Year 3 and, above all, if they remain active. If you are therefore in the advanced stages of one of these companies we advise you to make a last effort to unlock one of these special legendary weapons. You never know that with one of the next touches to the balance of the weapons these can become real furies (as if they already weren’t).
You could also take advantage of these Double Infamy days for the last reset of the gambling level, useful for obtaining the Delirium light machine gun and the Dredgen title.

Mod for weapons

Although the big changes coming with Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep are mainly about armor, there will be some changes to the weapon customization system, whose mods will no longer be consumables. In this regard, you will need to ensure that you arrive at the next Tuesday with at least one mod of each type in your inventory, since all those in your possession will automatically become permanent mods that you can apply to your weapons.
The advice we can give you is to disassemble all the mods in excess to recover some Component for the Modification to be spent by Ada-1. Black Armory’s mods like the Fury Specification or the Dragonfly Specification could always come in handy and it is better to get at least one before everything changes. After all, we still don’t know how the release of more mods will work and this process could be more complicated than we can imagine.


Although the activities related to powerful rewards are about to change with the arrival of Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep, completing as many bounties as possible and keeping them on your job screen could be a good idea. Unless Bungie decides to make sure that users cannot complete these assignments in the Season of the Timeless, preserving a lot of “standard” sizes, or those that do not guarantee you powerful engrams, you could have a discreet reserve of experience points useful to get on the Season Pass or to upgrade the Artifact. In short, if you really don’t know what else to do in the game, it’s better to take a tour of the various NPCs and complete the simpler sizes.

Bright Powder

With Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep there will also be profound changes to the Eververse and the ways in which to add Bright Powder to your inventory. Since from 1 October 2019 the dismantled aesthetic objects will no longer reward you with Polvere Luminosa and the recovery of these accessories from the collections will not require you to spend precious units of the currency, we can only advise you to destroy all that is present in your inventory ( Shaders, Spaceships, Ghost Wraps, Eververse sets, Goshawks and more) to accumulate a good deal of extra Bright Powder . If you need some extra tips on this you can always take a look at our guide on how to accumulate Light Dust in Destiny 2.

If you also have some Everversum Notes, we advise you to complete as many times as possible the weekly size of Tess Everis entitled Guardian Duties. This simple goal asks the player to eliminate 150 enemies of any kind and then reward him with 70 units of Bright Dust and can be repeated an unlimited number of times, provided you have enough notes to continue buying the size.