FIFA 20: how is the Legacy Edition doing on Nintendo Switch?


Also this year, EA has decided to launch FIFA 20 on Nintendo Switch, although on the Nintendo hybrid console there will be a sort of update of the last version of the game, thus lacking the novelties of FIFA 20, but obviously with updated roses.

But how is the game on the Kyoto house machine? The work done by the EA Sports developers seems pretty good, given that the 60 FPS during the game phases, even the most agitated, is granitic, and the counter has not moved one millimeter, as can be seen from the video at the top to the news.

The declines in framerates, which bring the bill down to 30 FPS, concern instead of the celebrations and the replays, which however do not affect the normal gaming experience, which on the contrary seems rather fluid and pleasant and has, in addition, the undoubted bonus of portability.

So is it worth playing FIFA 20 on Nintendo Switch? You can definitely get an idea of ​​the situation by taking a look at the video.