GTA 6: announcement, release, map, gameplay and characters at the center of a huge leak

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While the community questions the actual veracity of the first images of GTA 6, Rockstar Games’ unannounced next-gen blockbuster is once again the protagonist of a huge leak. The rumors, this time, are not limited to dealing with specific aspects but provide a general picture of the whole work.

The anonymous source of this latest batch of rumors and assumptions about GTA 6 operates on Reddit behind the TemperatureRising45 nickname: according to reports from this unfathomable “insider” of Rockstar Games, the Grand Theft Auto 6 project would already be in a stadium rather advanced development. But let’s go in order and find out what the insider has to say about it:

  • The announcement of GTA 6 should take place in the autumn of 2020
  • The main campaign will have two distinct settings, represented by the metropolis of San Fierro and Las Venturas. The map will be about four times larger than that of GTA 5: inside, we will find monuments and characteristic regions such as the Hoover Dam or Area 51. Some scenarios will be completely unpublished for the Grand Theft Auto series, as a market flea, a zoo, and an amusement park
  • The history of GTA 6 will focus on the deeds performed by two protagonists, a male, and a female. During the campaign, we will be able to see random events that will be much more interesting and “generous”. Among the events in which we can participate, there will be, for example, funerals with a procession to the cemetery, escaping the pursuit of a ferocious dog and activities to be carried out on behalf of a family camped with a camper
  • There will be greater care for the details of the interiors, both for common houses and for shops, offices and meeting places such as shopping centers, police stations, service stations or fast-food restaurants. The robbery system will also return, albeit in a more appropriate forum than those of secondary missions
  • There will be two different types of weapons shops: the official ones will sell ammunition and “normal” weapons like pistols and sniper rifles, while the “underground” stores will supply us with more “exotic” items and equipment items such as C4 charges and rocket launchers
  • Within GTA 6 it will be possible to try different mini-games such as bowling, hunting, gambling, white-water rafting, and amusement park activities
  • The GTA 5 home and business management system will be further expanded with the possibility of dealing with casinos, caravan and motorhome parking, night clubs and much more